Julio Leal
2 min readApr 4, 2022

When I was kid the Renault 18 was my favorite car by far.
My grandma bought me one of those miniature versions and I used to spend endless hours playing with it. Those memories sometimes come to my mind, as I remember promising myself to buy one with my first payslip.

A few days ago I saw an old but well-maintained R18 parked on the street. I stared at it for quite a while and I wondered why I liked it that much as a kid, as there were definitely more stylish cars in Spain those days, like the Citröen DS for instance.
After some thinking my conclusion was ‘choice options’.
During those years in Spain, the R18 was everywhere. It was an affordable and realiable car so it was a safe choice for the rising middle class in Spain. Had I seen more car choices out there, I would have probably picked another model.

And this made think about the multiple times I am asked about recommendations for a #translation agency or vendor. I never give one, as I believe experiences and expectations are very personal, but what I do always advice is to not narrow the search to the well-known agencies in the industry, as there are hundreds of smaller agencies out there that might not be that well-known, but could maybe be a much better fit for their specific needs right now.

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